Ian Clark is a Librarian at the University of East London and supports the academic subject of Psychology. I’ve been an academic services librarian for Psychology at the University of East London for six years. As well as working with staff and students within the School, I oversee the library’s social media team, including our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube […]

LILAC conference

Are you interested in shaping and supporting the development of information literacy and digital literacy? If so, apply to join the LILAC conference review panel. You don’t have to be an expert in information literacy, we want to expand the community and include a variety of voices from different sectors, professions and roles. So whatever stage you’re at in your career, […]

Stéphane Goldstein and Jane Secker discuss the ‘Digital Technology and the Resurrection of Trust’, June 2020 report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies. “A country’s education system needs to prepare its people for their role as citizens. In the digital world, this means they need to be empowered to be critical, digitally literate consumers of […]

Information Literacy Group

The CILIP Information Literacy Group has today released a statement relating to the role of library and knowledge specialists in moving education and training online. Introduction by Dr Jane Secker, Chair of the CILIP Information Literacy Group Information literacy is a key part of the work of many library and information professionals and is defined as: “….the ability to think […]

Information Literacy Group

The CILIP Information Literacy Group currently has a number of vacancies on its revamped Communications Team, and is recruiting now! We are looking for three dynamic and committed individuals to join our team and help us make further exciting developments to our communications activity across a range of platforms, including this website, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and more. We would welcome applicants from all sectors, […]


BBC Bitesize have released new content for their Fact or Fake strand this week, including a fake news glossary, new animation highlighting tell-tale signs of fake accounts and fresh faces to take on the Fact or Fake quiz. New content highlights on the website include: 1) Have a go at the quiz – can you spot the facts from the […]


Heather Lincoln is a Liaison Librarian at Imperial College London. She supports the academic subjects of Business, Education, Culture and Communication. What sort of information literacy sessions have you run during the last few months? I have taught plagiarism sessions to 500 Business MSc students using the flipped classroom method, which was adapted to be completely delivered online. I recorded […]


The Knowledge Quarter, in collaboration with UCL Pharmacy and the World Health Organization, will deliver a free webinar on “The Second Pandemic: Misinformation and Perception” on Thursday, 23 July 2020, 15:00–16:00 BST. The organisers describe the event as follows: “What happens to our perception of truth during a pandemic? What happens in our brains that makes us more susceptible to believing and […]

Icepops (International Copyright-Literacy Event with Playful Opportunities for Practitioners and Scholars)

Jane Secker, Chair of the CILIP Information Literacy Group, has announced the publication of a new edition of the Icepops Annual for 2020.  Icepops: the International Copyright-Literacy Event with Playful Opportunities for Practitioners and Scholars, is devised by Chris Morrison and Jane Secker (the UK Copyright Literacy team) and is run in conjunction with the CILIP Information Literacy Group,  We were really disappointed to have […]


Susan Merrick is a Teacher-Librarian at ACS Egham International School in Surrey. In this case study, she discusses her experiences in delivering online information literacy support for secondary school students. What sort of information literacy sessions have you run during the last few months? I have taught online Zoom classes, both with other teachers and by myself, to groups in lower secondary and […]