If you teach information literacy at an academic institution (in any format, such as a stand-alone course, a component of another course, or single sessions), I welcome your participation in a survey. The online survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/metaliteracy  The purpose of the survey is to learn more about the impact of the changing information environment and social media on […]

For those of you, who like me missed the announcement – RIN commissioned and published earlier this month a report on “The role of research supervisors in information literacy”.  The report highlights that research students are consistent in looking to their supervisor as a source of information and guidance.   In addition research supervisors’ practice in supporting students development of IL, and […]

A new issue of the journal of Information Research (Vol. 16, no. 2) is now available.  It contains articles on information literacy and search behaviour that may be of interest to you all. James E. Herring – From school to work and from work to school: information environments and transferring information literacy practices Peta Wellstead – Information behaviour of Australian […]

Research supervisors can play a crucial role in the effective imparting of relevant skills, knowledge and understanding. But in reality, they often are not able, well-equipped or even predisposed to play such a rolein realtion to information literacy.  RIN are pleased to announce that they have awarded a study into how supervisors support research students development of information literacy.  The […]